Commercial Consulting

Our Commercial Consulting services help achieve operational cost reduction. Many leadership teams focus on growing top-line revenues and often overlook the increasing operational costs that accompany growth. Internal stakeholders may need to be challenged on their spending decisions, which can accumulate into significant overheads over time. By independently evaluating and challenging the status quo of spending and contract structures, we help you save costs. Every pound saved is a pound added to the bottom line, making cost reduction one of the quickest ways to improve profitability.

We have a range of specialist areas including:

Commercial Consulting Experts

  • High Value IT Contract Renegotiation
  • IT spending review & cost reduction strategies
  • Networks & Communications Cost Review & Contract Renegotiation
  • Software Maintenance Renewals (IBM i / Power / Mainframe, and Microsoft reviews & optimisations)
  • Software audits & defence against aggressive vendors such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.
  • Hardware Maintenance Reviews (all major vendors covered & savings up to 50% with the OEM vendors & TPM’s)

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Commercial Consulting

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