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Welcome to Dijjie Consulting, where expertise meets innovation. Led by Lee Bailey, his associates, and service providers, we redefine strategy excellence.

Introducing Lee Bailey:
With over three decades of industry experience and having completed the CME executive education program at Harvard Business School, Lee possesses professional certifications in negotiations, business & sales strategic alignment, and authentic leadership. He is a Chartered Director accredited by the Institute of Directors in 2023 after 5 years of training, and showcasing his extensive board service across TPM, Cloud provider, and real estate sectors.

During his tenure on the board, Lee spearheaded the Sales & Marketing team, leveraging years of leadership experience. Additionally, he successfully led the technical engineering teams for four years during a transformative period, transitioning from an IBM specialist to a multi-vendor provider.

Lee's impressive track record includes navigating acquisitions and two business sale processes. In 2016, he and the founder completed a bank debt Management Buyout (MBO) from retiring shareholders for an undisclosed eight-figure enterprise value. Five years later, despite challenges such as COVID and the passing of the business founder, Lee completed a private sale to a private equity-backed trade acquirer, again achieving an undisclosed eight-figure enterprise value.

Why Dijjie Consulting?

Dijjie Consulting specialise in a few different scenarios: specialising in Managed Services, Cloud Industry, IT VARs, and the Global TPM Industry. Consultant to three of the top five global consulting firms and private equity firms, focusing on sustainable growth strategies.

Expertise includes:

  • Sales leadership: optimising existing sales team structures, or building a sales team from scratch to drive your business growth.
  • Establishing formal Board structures within founder-led company’s, or within departmental areas of a business such as the sales or engineering departments.
  • Enhancing existing Board structures and improving Board meeting productivity

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Board Advisory

Commercial Consulting

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